Telephone Banking

Telephone Banking

For 24-Hour Telephone Banking Service

CALL 37-MONEY (501.376.6639) or TOLL FREE 1.888.653.9560

Please see the Tabs below for further information about this new system.


Available Services

• Check your account balance

• Get transaction history and review recent activity

• Get loan information

• Transfer funds between your Bank of Little Rock accounts

• Report a lost or stolen debit or credit card

Account information and transfers are in real-time mode. Up to the second transactions are included. Transfers are immediate...use the funds you transfer immediately on your debit card.

At Bank of Little Rock, we are committed to protecting your financial interests with secure technology. We encourage you to monitor your accounts on a regular basis – this is a very effective way to detect fraud!

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First Call Account Verification

The first time you call our new system, you will be prompted to verify your identity. Please be advised the system will ask for your account number, your social security number and your date of birth. If the validation is successful, you will be prompted to create a 6-digit PIN that you will use for future calls. If we cannot verify you with the data on file after three attempts, you will be transferred to speak with a live agent.

Once your application has been accepted, you may set your new 6 digit PIN and begin using the system. Please be aware that account history may not be available upon acceptance. Account history will begin the day of acceptance, if you are not enrolled in our Online Banking service.


Menu Options

You can either use your touch-tone telephone to select the menu number or simply speak the number to activate voice recognition.

Press 1 or say Accounts

Press 2 or say Funds Transfer

Press 3 or say Loan Information

Press 4 or say Lost Stolen**

Press 5 or say More Options

**If you select Lost Stolen, you will automatically be transferred.