Updated Browser requirement information!!

Security and data integrity are important to us at Bank of Little Rock.  With that in mind, we are requiring that in order to continue to access Bank of Little Rock’s website, Online Banking Service and our Mobile Banking Service, you must insure that you are utilizing the latest version of the browser on each of your electronic devices. 

If your browser is not up to date, generally you will receive an error stating Stronger Security is Required when you try to access a website. 

The following browsers/versions are up to date and require no action on your part:

Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) - version 11 and higher

Microsoft Edge – all versions

Mozilla Firefox – version 27 and higher

Google Chrome – version 38 and higher

Apple Safari 

Desktop version: versions 7 and higher for OS X 10.9 (Maverick) and higher (7)

Mobile version: version 5 and higher for iOS 5 and higher 

If you need assistance determining if your browser is up to date or if you have any questions about this change, please call your local branch or email us at info@bankoflittlerock.com.

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