Everything is on the internet now — from your kid’s report card to your paystub — and now your bank is too. Access your accounts anytime, anywhere that you have internet access. Make transfers, reorder checks, make loan payments, and much much more!

As much as we love to see you in our branches, we understand how awesome it is to be able to bank in your PJ’s. Enjoy online banking from BLR and access your money wherever, whenever!

  • Access your accounts anywhere that you have internet access — it’s that easy!
  • Up to 24 months of complete internet transactional detail and history
  • Account inquiries for balances, rates, and more!
  • Images of monthly account statements
  • Transfer funds between your BLR accounts
  • Send and receive secure messages via the messaging system
  • View loan balances
  • Make payment on your BLR loans
  • Reorder checks 

For more information, send us a message or check out our Online Banking FAQs in the next tab over.

Commercial Online Banking
  • Check balances, monitor transactions, transfer funds, pay bills and much more; it's all online and it's always open.
  • Get all the Basic Services, plus:
    • ACH Credit and Debit Origination
    • Direct Deposit Originations
    • Collect Payment Originations
    • Corporate ACH Sweep
    • EFTPS (Electronic Federal Tax Payment System) Credit
    • NACHA File Imports from Financial Management Software
    • Balance Reporting
    • Sub-User Administration
    • Wire Transfer Requests

Contact us for more information on how to enroll your business or read more about the commercial online services that we offer at BLR.

How to Enroll

 The online banking system is a secure online web site that allows users to manage their accounts online.

Before you can use online banking, you must enroll online and set up your accounts. Once you have enrolled, you will be notified by email when you can use your account.

Online Banking FAQs

Where can I find my most recent transactions?

 Pending transactions can be found at the top of the Account Details page. Pending will precede the description of the transaction.

Why is the date on the Account Summary page not the current date?

The "As Of" date on the Account Summary page will change to the current date once you have visited the Account Detail page.

Why does the description of pending transaction not reflect the identity of the company initiating the transaction?

Some transactions may have brief generic descriptions in pending status, such as automatic deposits-aka: ACH Deposits-will only display a description of ACH EOD Processing. The company name will appear the next day in hard post and on the statement.

Why are there two transactions for my debit card purchases? 

Debit Card transactions will reflect a PA(Pre-Authorization) or a DC(Debit Card) code in the description. PA transactions may not post in the same amount or at all--these transactions may stay in pending status for up to 10 days. DC transactions are settled transactions and will hard post to the account.

When will Online Transfer funds be available?

Transfers made online will memo-post and will be made available immediately for cash or debit card purchases.