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Where Your Money Does Good

Since Bank of Little Rock was founded in 1927, we have been committed to meeting the financial needs of families and businesses in and around our community. In 1989, we expanded our services to become a full-service bank and have continued to grow as our customer base has. 

We’re proud to be a local bank that supports the people in our community through responsible lending and high-interest accounts. When you bank with us, your dollars go right back into the place you call home — creating better lives for your family, friends, and neighbors. 

A Personalized Touch

We believe in being the best bank we can be. This means a commitment to outstanding service, treating our customers like people instead of account numbers. When you walk into any of our five Bank of Little Rock branch locations, you will receive the exceptional personal attention we've come to be known for.

When was the last time you were called by name in a bank? That's the kind of relationship we have with our customers, and we're proud of that. 

Our professional staff is committed to serving you better. We only hire people that are good at what they do and enjoy their job. Because they're happy to be here, they rarely leave. No employee turnover means you see the same faces every time...and they remember you. This is how we develop a real and lasting relationship with our customers. 

Led by the Best

We are led by an experienced Central Arkansas banker, Pete Maris who is our Chairman, CEO, and President. Pete grew up in Little Rock and has previous experience with the largest banks in our state. He's also worked with other community banks, so he knows the Little Rock area market — and the people who live in it — extremely well. 

Community Focus

At Bank of Little Rock, we know the people of this community because we spend our days in the bank lobby serving customers; not on an upper floor managing bureaucracies. So we know how to deliver the best possible banking services. And because we are locally owned, all decisions are made right here — by people who know the area and who know you. 

Thank you for choosing Bank of Little Rock. We look forward to serving you for years to come. For more information about us, check out our blog, or come into one of our locations, and talk to one of our experienced bankers!

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When was the last time your bank called you by name?