Ready to take your business to the next level? So are we! Partner with BLR and enjoy personalized payment plans paired with truly hometown service. This is how business lending ought to be.

Business Term Loan

Remember back to the days when banking was more about relationships than one-time offerings and spreadsheets? Well BLR does, and when it comes to meeting your business needs, we're here with a customized process. We work closely to establish an ongoing relationship, so we can accommodate financing accordingly.

Business Lines of Credit

The thing about business needs: they don't normally go away. An operating line of credit accounts for this "phenomenon" by providing you with an anytime source of funds. Meet demands instantly without needing to apply for a separate lump sum loan every time. And, as you pay down your balance, more funds automatically become available for use!       

Equipment Loans 

Equip your business for ongoing success with a customized equipment loan from BLR. Take advantage of accommodating financing for machinery, work vehicles, and much more. Stay ahead of equipment obsolescence and also of the competition — BLR is just around the corner with a quick, local solution for you.

Commercial Real Estate Loans

Whether you're purchasing, refinancing, or building from the ground up, we offer our business customers a wide range of financing options. We specialize in income producing real estate, affordable housing, senior housing and homebuilder finance. Take advantage of faster financing, thanks to our in-house decisions.

Questions about any of our business loans? Contact one of our expert business lenders today for a personalized consultation about your business’ options!