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Personal Bankers of Little Rock: Maxine Sanders


Personal Bankers of Little Rock: Maxine Sanders

Maxine Sanders just smiles and says, “I lead such a boring life.”  But the facts don’t really bear that out!

Born and raised in Little Rock, Maxine was the baby sister in a family with two older brothers and two older sisters.  She attended North Little Rock High and Shorter College but paused her education temporarily when she learned she was going to be a mom.  She gave birth to a daughter, Courtney, in April of 1991. In fact, she loved being a mother so much, she gave birth to a son, Jerome, in 1992; a second son, Jeremiah in 1999, and a third son, Jaylen in 2000.

Maxine and her husband, Leathel, certainly had their hands full raising their beloved children,  but they felt like something was missing from their lives. So, in 2006, Maxine and Leathel started the House of Bethesda Church Ministry in East Little Rock and, today, both continue to serve as pastors in that Ministry.

Maxine entered the banking profession some years ago, joining National Bank of Arkansas, where she served as a Teller and trained others to be Tellers.  She had the opportunity to own a childcare business that was connected to her Ministry work -- HOB (House of Bethesda) Childcare. After three years of operating that business, Maxine returned to banking and joined Eagle Bank.  In 2018, she became part of the Bank of Little Rock family at our Cantrell Road branch where she has just celebrated her first Anniversary with us!

Maxine loves being part of the Bank of Little Rock family and says there’s nothing about her job she doesn’t like.  Without question, building customer relationships is what she loves most about her job. According to Maxine, “People may not remember what you said or exactly what you did, but they’ll always remember how you made them feel,” and she works hard at making her customers have a great experience.

With their youngest child now turning 18, Maxine says she and Leathel are looking forward to the “empty nester” phase of their lives.  “I’d love to start traveling more and learning more about the world,” she says. Maxine looks forward to spending some time at Orange Beach along the Alabama/Florida coast, and dreams about going to Jamaica, too.  She and Leathel love to cook and prepare meals but she admits that Leathel is the better cook. “My husband cooks great steaks and he makes and brings me omelets that I have in bed every Sunday. (She noted that their church meets on Saturday mornings instead of Sundays!)

Today, with three grandchildren and a fourth on the way, you can see that Maxine’s life is anything but boring.  She’s a great lady and a wonderful Personal Banker.  Be sure to stop by our Cantrell Road branch to get to know her!

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