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Education: One Ring or Wangiri Scam Robocalls in Our Area


The Federal Communications Commission is alerting consumers to reported waves of One Ring or Wangiri scam robocalls targeting specific area codes in bursts, often calling multiple times in the middle of the night.

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Financial Tips for 2019 Graduates


Congratulations students and parents! It won?t be long before young people across the country will put on their caps and gowns to celebrate their graduations. Many graduation speakers offer advice, some based on their own life experiences. The FTC has some practical advice to offer, too.

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SSA Imposters: Warning from the Federal Trade Commission


Have you gotten calls about supposed problems with your Social Security number from callers pretending theyre with the Social Security Administration (SSA)? If so, youre not alone.

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Personal Bankers of Little Rock: Jasmine Miller

December 20, 2018

Jasmine Miller, one of our up-and-coming Personal Bankers, claims she leads a boring life. Others might say she?s simply followed a straight and narrow path to where she?s arrived today.

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Personal Bankers of Little Rock: Lauren Braggs

November 23, 2018

Lauren Braggs is one smart lady ? and we?re so glad she?s a member of our Personal Banking team on Rahling Road!

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