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Kim Markland Promoted to President of Bank of Little Rock


We are pleased to share the news about the promotion of Kim Markland to President of Bank of Little Rock, which was announced at our July 19th Board meeting. Kim has been with Bank of Little Rock for almost 22 years and we'd like for you to get to know her better.

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The $44 Billion Smishing Problem and How to Not Be a Victim


Consumer Affairs reported on how big of a problem SMS phishing scams have become, and how it's about to get a lot worse. According to a recent FBI report, more than 320,000 Americans were targeted by these schemes in 2021, resulting in $44 billion in losses.

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How do you spot a scam? Listen to how someone tells you to pay


Like spring cleaning for your finances, Financial Literacy Month is a great time to dust off your knowledge for spotting and avoiding scams. The best way to make a clean getaway from a scam? Listen to how they tell you to pay.

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Messaging Attacks: How to Spot and Stop Them


Smishing (a portmanteau word combining SMS and phishing) are attacks that occur when cyber attackers use SMS, texting, or similar messaging technologies to trick you into taking an action you should not take. Perhaps they fool you into providing your credit card details, get you to call a phone number to get your banking information, or convince you to fill out an online survey to harvest your personal information...

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Scammers are sending fake IRS emails about Economic Impact Payments


Fake IRS emails are popping into peoples inboxes. It says that you can get a third Economic Impact Payment (EIP) if you click a link that lets you access the form for your additional information and get help with the application. But the link is a trick.

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