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Utility Scams Are Snow Joke


Winter often brings the blues, but when it brings Arctic blasts, burst pipes, power outages, and even icicles indoors, scammers aren?t far behind with weather-related scams.

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Scammers cash in on COVID-19 vaccination confusion


With every passing day, the news on COVID 19 vaccine distribution seems to change. One reason is that distribution varies by state and territory. And scammers, always at the ready, are taking advantage of the confusion. Besides a big dose of patience, here are some tips to help you avoid a vaccine-related scam, no matter where you live

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BEWARE -- Scammers Are After Your Money Again


The US Department of the Treasury and the IRS are working hard to get a second round of Economic Impact Payments (EIP) to people. You might have already gotten your payment direct deposited into your bank account. That started on December 29th.

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PayPal Phishing Alert!


A PayPal text message phishing campaign is underway that attempts to steal your account credentials and other sensitive information that can be used for identity theft.

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Personal Bankers of Little Rock: Jason Ford


Although movies became his passion, Jason Ford?s daily work keeps loans moving for our customers!

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